Revenue Cycle Training

HEI Lean Revenue Cycle Training

HEI’s Lean Revenue Cycle Training is a focused, hands-on, 5-day training, designed for revenue cycle team executives, directors, managers and team leaders. This training equips the leadership level of the organization with the fundamental skills needed to operate a business model rooted in Lean, Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems methodologies and principles and for them to foster a culture of continuous improvement. The training is composed of two sessions, over the course of two weeks. The first session has a duration of three days with the second session lasting two days. The sessions include classroom learning, collaborative break-out sessions and extensive data analysis.

Revenue Cycle Training Sample Curriculum in the first week:

  • Lean healthcare philosophy
  • Six Sigma applied to the revenue cycle
  • Drivers of cash volatility
  • Revenue Cycle Process Principles and management model overview
  • Performance Management System
  • Daily Shift Briefing training
  • DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
  • Metrics and process metrics design – daily and monthly
  • Process assessment tools and mapping
  • High Performance Work Teams  – HPWT
  • Organizational Design
  • Management by Fact and introduction to A3’s

Revenue Cycle Training Sample Curriculum in the second week

  • Data acquisition
  • Data sampling
  • Using Root Cause Analysis to audit accounts
  • Data analysis
  • Pareto Analysis
  • A3 Performance and Metrics Review
  • Process failure modes
  • Process behaviors
  • Work management methods

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