Achieving Best in Class Patient Access Experience 

Patient Experience

HEI’s health system engineers create the infrastructure and process required to deliver a best-in-class patient experience in Patient Access, while they optimize call center technology to deliver the highest service levels, and ensure that authorization denials are eliminated.

Sample deliverables of a Patient Access Transformation include:

  • Great patient experience prior to the patient arriving for a visit or service
  • Best-in-class process to ensure perfect information is received from patients in order to issue a clean, reimbursable claim
  • Best-in-class process to ensure patients are able to honor their financial obligations in terms of deductibles and co-payments ,or co-insurance, at point of service
  • Removed waste and inefficiencies from current pre-service operations by standardizing job functions and processes
  • Cultural change to a patient value system recognition with a strong focus on transparent patient and community education
  • Demonstrated comprehensive approach to patient access that facilitates high net promoter scores as well as  long-term patient engagement and lifetime customer loyalty

Read about organizations who have undergone this process here.

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