HEI works with leading integrated health systems to achieve financial excellence in the revenue cycle and enable great patient experiences through Health Systems Engineering.

The hospital revenue cycle is undergoing dramatic change and becoming more complex every day, from increasing payer regulations, EMR conversions, patient consumerism, physician practice acquisitions, and patient experience. Health systems must learn to adapt without adding cost. In order for organizations to achieve financial excellence and create a top performing revenue cycle, the staff must become educated and engaged problem solvers. HEI’s team of health system engineers works hand-in-hand with both leadership and staff to transform and re-engineer outdated revenue cycle operations to be efficient, patient centric, and scalable. This begins with providing a best-in-class patient experience starting in Patient Access, by properly managing patient risk in clinical areas, and optimizing the EMR so that billing is accurate and efficient. HEI has worked with health systems across the country to dramatically change and re-engineer their organizations to be successful in the future.

Lean Revenue Cycle Assessment

As provider organizations transition from fee-for-service reimbursement to value-based care including population health initiatives, bundled payments, and risk-bearing contracts, the focus on financial performance has never been greater. An assessment of the revenue cycle, encompassing all operational components, is essential to understand where provider organizations are performing well and where opportunity remains.

Revenue Cycle Transformation

Revenue cycle operations might need a complete overhaul or just a spot fix on the front end, but the foundation for meaningful change begins with an engaged problem solving culture. HEI’s Lean Cultural Transformation Model helps create an agile organization that is ready to adapt to the future. It begins with process engineers engaging all levels of staff to correctly engineer and design processes to reduce waste, optimize current technology for prioritized workflows while eliminating workarounds, utilize advance data analysis to identify performance gaps and sustainably improve financial outcomes through Lean Performance Management Methods.

Achieving Best in Class Patient Access Experience

Today’s patients are savvy consumers and they don’t want inconvenient scheduling options, excessive phone calls, to answer the same questions repeatedly, and definitely not surprise bills. With provider consolidation becoming the norm and the rise of large integrated health systems, patient experience is crucial for keeping patients happy and in-network. Pre-services, such as scheduling, pre-registration, financial clearance, and pre-authorizations, have remained an overlooked area for provider organizations that want to improve their patient experience. HEI’s health system engineers create the infrastructure and process required to deliver a best-in-class Patient Access experience that is scalable and patient centric, optimize call center technology to deliver the highest service levels, and ensure that authorization denials are eliminated.

Lean Revenue Cycle Training

HEI’s Lean Revenue Cycle Academy is a focused, hands-on, 5-day training, designed for revenue cycle team executives, directors, managers and team leaders. This training equips the leadership of the organization with the fundamental skills they need to operate a business model rooted in Lean, Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems methodologies and principles, and for them to foster a culture of continuous improvement. The academy is composed of  two sessions, taking part over the course of two weeks. The first session has a duration of three days and the second session, a duration of two days. The sessions include classroom learning, collaborative break-out sessions and extensive data analysis.

Extended Business Office Solutions for Insurance Receivables

Getting healthcare claims paid can be challenging- especially with the complex payer regulations and the continual pressure on budgets. HEI has a full-service Extended Business Office that can take on projects from small to large, with rapid scalability. Our core offerings include:

  • Billing
  • Insurance Follow-Up
  • EMR Implementation and Conversion Projects
  • Buffer Capacity
  • A/R Run-out Projects
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Benchmarking

Client Results