Re-Engineering At-Risk Population Management 

HEI Population Management Solutions

Behavior change is key to chronic disease management and prevention. With 8 behaviors and risks driving 80% of the cost in managing chronic diseases, a patient’s social support system is the key factor in positively influencing behavior change that reduces total costs of care. While clinical resources are often overburdened, non-clinical resources are equally under-utilized as important components of a patient’s care community.  HEI Population Health Solutions are focused on chronic care management as a patient-centered approach that engages all available resources anchored around actionable, comprehensive care plans.

HEI founded HealthSignal Partners (HSP) to provide Medicare participants with hands-on, practical support to manage their chronic conditions. HSP services include conducting an annual wellness visit, creating a best practice-based care plan, as well as providing disease management technology. HSP supports patients with services ranging from expediting critical appointments, arranging for medical equipment, reconciling medications to arranging for transportation and meal services. HSP services are considered a Medicare benefit and are provided at no or little cost to patients.

HEI Population Health Solutions:

  • Improve network coordination to prevent out-of-network losses
  • Manage real-time Patient criticality and support physician care plans
  • Efficiently use resources to expand population reach without adding costs
  • Tap community resources to address patients’ non-clinical disparities

HEI’s Population Health Solutions include Disease Management Technology to support patients.

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