Re-Engineering Perioperative Services

HEI Perioperative Services

Healthcare providers through their perioperative services intend to identify risks and establish a care plan for before, during and after procedures in conjunction with their physicians. However, most of those risks are primarily identified for purposes of anesthesia, leaving out medical risks that impact reimbursement if not identified and documented, as well as have an impact beyond recovery. Many organizations will see their patients around 5-10 days prior to their procedures. Often, it is not enough time for perioperative services to medicate patients if they have diseases that need to be controlled, in order to get them in condition for surgery, which causes cancellations. It leads to clinicians not practicing at top of license, because they are spending more time searching EMRs and doing administrative tasks, often duplicating work. Social risks are also not considered, but they can impact the recovery success and readmission rates.

To ensure good results in patients who are scheduled for surgery, healthcare organizations must create streamlined perioperative process that can fully identify, document and communicate risks that go beyond 5-10 days before operations. Patients should be identified as soon as a procedure is scheduled to deliver the best potential outcome, during and after a patient’s procedure. HEI prioritizes coordination between perioperative services and Case Management, to ensure that medical consolidation, risk assessment and financial eligibility for procedures are streamlined. This allows healthcare organizations to increase co-morbidity identification, reduce readmission and surgery cancellations rates.

Sample deliverables of a Perioperative Service Re-engineering include:

  • Reliable assessment of  clinical, financial and social risks
  • Creation of  a comprehensive care plan to match identified risks
  • Improvement of the documentation of risk and mitigation plans
  • Increase in patient education and engagement
  • Acquisition of data to scale the process to include other services

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