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HIM Departments are in need of process redesign in most hospitals. While electronic medical records are on the horizon for many hospitals, the reality is that the majority of HIM departments are still overflowing with paper and medical records that can often lead to low physician satisfaction, unfavorable JCAHO audit findings, and cash leakage.

Signs of Process Failures in PFS:

  • Lost medical records
  • Incomplete medical records
  • Physician deficiencies
  • Uncategorized loose paper
  • Piles of charts
  • Charts not in permanent file
  • Physician charts unavailable
  • Limited or unavailable physician work area
  • High processing and cycle times
  • High unbilled dollars
  • Lack of error-feedback between HIM and Coding

Our Solutions:

  • HIM Kaizen Event
    • - Reduction in HIM Cycle Times by 40%
    • - Day of discharge processing
    • - Physician deficiency analysis process
  • ScoreLogix
    • - Quantify the contribution of HIM to cash leakage
    • - Provide the foundation and data for continuous improvement
    • - Provide HIM managers performance based HIM metrics
  • Revenue Cycle Academy

What about Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

With EMR, the physical burden of HIM will be removed, but the process will be now be saddled with the added complexity of the EMR system. Starting with a broken process and adding EMR will only magnify the weak spots in the process. Starting with a clean process and then migrating to an EMR system will help reap the rewards you expect of the EMR system.

Reducing HIM Cycle Times by 38%, Establishing Day of Discharge Processing

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