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Having physician orders in the right place at the right time is a challenge for many healthcare providers. Patients who arrive for services only to find that their order is missing create dissatisfaction for both the patient and their physician. When patients arrive and the order is not complete or cannot be read, it also slows the process down and further solidifies a poor perception.

DocumentLogix™ was designed to quickly solve physician order problems by:

  • Utilizing a single, centralized fax number
  • Assuring orders are immediately available to all locations that a patient might present
  • Creating work list that allows each incoming document to be evaluated for quality
  • Establishing error-feedback loops
  • Issuing automatic daily reports to all physicians who use the system apprising them of the status of services

Symptoms of a Broken Order Management Process

  • Lost faxes
  • Incomplete Orders
  • Orders don't arrive the same area patient presents
  • Physicians don't know the status of patient orders/documents
  • Requests for re-faxes
  • Denials for medical necessity

What is DocumentLogix™?

DocumentLoigx™ is a physician order and document management application delivered in an ASP model.

What's an ASP model?

An ASP, or Application Service Provider, is a model that we feel has many advantages:

  • IT support burden is put on the provider (us), not the client
  • Minimal internal IT strain
  • Integrates will all major host systems
  • Easy conversions, upgrades are always included
  • Available anytime through our secure portal
  • Minimizes downtimes
  • Set-up time is quick
  • Designed with the customer in mind

What makes DocumentLogix™ different?

  • Can be up and running in 48 hours
  • Fills immediate need of physician order management
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Can be used as a stop gap system while you waiting for a more comprehensive solution

Who can benefit from DocumentLogix™?

  • Physicians
  • Patient Access Department

Why was DocumentLogix™ created?

DocumentLogix™ was created with the intent of addressing a need for patient access and physicians to be on the same page when it comes to managing orders and documents. Many document management systems have long implementation times and can be extremely costly. DocumentLogix™ can be implemented within 48 hours to quickly address this pain point for many hospitals.

After speaking to many physicians, we found that they were extremely unhappy due lost orders. Patient access associates were frustrated when the orders were not at the right place at the right time. Registrars were spending too much time looking for specific orders and often had to request re-faxes to get the document. Patient satisfaction was poor since their wait time was increased and their confidence in the organization was lowered.

How was DocumentLogix™ created?

DocumentLogix™ never started out through the paradigm of traditional healthcare software. It was designed from the very first line of code by a team of:

  • Process and Measurement Engineers
  • Lean Six Sigma Experts
  • Applied Statisticians
  • Experienced .NET Developers
  • Top healthcare executives

Together, this team created the idea of a program that can be rapidly rolled-out to hospitals to immediately address the most common issues when it comes to faxed physician orders.

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