Our Approach


For leaders of healthcare organizations who must deliver financial performance and drive organizational growth, the HEI solution is an engineering based operating model that is a process and culture centric approach to improvement. This operating model, utilizing Lean and Six Sigma methods, allows organizations to embrace change, provide effective care, and achieve their full potential.

The Core Elements of an Operating Model

An Operating Model provides a comprehensive framework to define how the organization accomplishes its objectives and continuously improves performance by:

  • Structuring the organization to deliver to a designed process
  • Establishing accountabilities and governance of everyone in the organization
  • Hardwiring a culture to be excellent in customer experience, financial performance, and the ability to improve
  • Engineering processes at a detailed level to principles of flow, variation, error reduction, efficiency, capacity, and service levels
  • Measuring performance precisely and accurately
  • Optimizing technology to support the culture and processes in the delivery of goals and objectives

Why Healthcare Needs Operating Models Now

Healthcare organizations need an operating mode because they allow an organization to have a competitive advantage in:

  • Customer Experience
  • Financial Performance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Operational Performance

As healthcare moves to a consumer driven and value-based model, these competitive advantages, accomplished through a well-defined operating model, are what create value and ensure long-term sustainability.